Hari ini sahabatku resmi menjadi sarjana pendidikan matematika :’)
Rasanya terharu & amat bahagia, sejak awal turut serta dalam perjuangannya, jatuh bangkit & naik turun pengorbanannya.
Ia menyadarkanku satu hal:
Kewajiban membahagiakan orangtua (dan bertanggungjawab mengurus adiknya).
Sempat terpikir bahwa kewajibanku pada orangtua tunai sudah usai sidang September 2013 lalu, akan tetapi tersadar dari sahabat saya bahwa daftar kewajiban masih teramat panjang.
Jika kau tak memiliki saudara kandung, beruntunglah karena daftar kewajibanmu berkurang, tapi itu takkan mengurangi bobot nilai pertanggungjawabannya.
Selamat, Dina Fitriana, S.Pd!
Alhamdulillah, kau menyadarkanku untuk memperjuangkan cita :)
««««««« Why Don’t You Have A Boyfriend ?»»»»»»»
She replied with confidence : you tell me : why would I have a bf ?!
I guess you have no answer for my question, but I have answers for yours :
First, I am a believer, I can’t do what displease my Creator, HE ordered me not to to take a bf so I should obey HIM.
Allah says in Qur’an: “nor those who take [secret] lovers. “(surat Al-Nisa-25)
Second, I am a daughter of a man who raised me to be a chaste woman, I am a sister of a man who is proud of my purity, so I don’t want to disappoint them, and most of all I don’t want to disappoint a third man who is my future husband and the father of my children in shaa Allah, because I am preserving myself to him only
My mom raised me to be a righteous woman so that I deserve a righteous man she never raised me to be a toy in any boy’s hand, but she raised me to complete the Deen of a pious man.
Also, I am not an easy girl who would be impressed with sweet love words, but I am a proud Muslimah who is just like a pearl in its shell no one can touch it but a brave man who would value it and cherish its beauty…
Dear Muslimahs…Know your worth! and Be that One In Million who love to have the love of Their Lord than the love of a boyfriend!!!
Don’t think of the trials in your life (‘balaa’) as just a ‘test’ in the human form. Allah is not like a professor who hands you a test, moves away and just watches from afar to see how you’ll do. Allah is our murabee—the One who raises us with more mercy than a mother raises a child. The Prophet (pbuh) tells us that when Allah wills good for someone, he sends them ‘balaa’ (trials or tests). When Allah wills good for us, He purifies us. That is why each person is tested in what they love most. In other words our greatest possible ‘competitor’ in our love for God is what is withheld or must be sacrificed. This is the purification process because it cures the heart of competitors. Why was Prophet Ibrahim (AS) asked to slaughter the most beloved thing to him? Did Allah actually want him to *kill* his son? No. He didn’t kill his son. He killed the attachment. By being willing to sacrifice what he loved most, he had slaughtered any possible competing love. Allah was raising him, purifying him and elevating him. Allah tell us, “By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you give (freely) of that which you love.” (3:92)